Jana Bikash at a glance

JBSS is an independent co-educational institution offering diverse courses for school level and +2 in science, management, Humanity and Education. Established in 2033 B.S., Jana bikash Secondary School is widely recognized for its quality education, institutional growth, innovative teaching approaches, student centered policies, programs and strategies. JBSS truly values and cares its students putting them at the center of all its activities as it believes they are the cause of its existence, success and survival.

As a community based institute, it has occupied a prominent place in the educational sphere of Besishahar. It is a leading programs include faculties of science, Technical education (+2 of Civil Engineering), Management, Humanities and Education. In addition to scientific and earthquake resistant building with comfortable classrooms and considerable physical facilities, the school consists of a spacious library, well-managed state of the art computer labs with email and unlimited internet access, modern science labs, a teaching hospital, a canteen, pure drinking water, plant herbal garden etc.

As a matter of fact we are aware of the gap between highly developed world of science and technology and existing beliefs and traditions of the society. That is why the school has prepared a broad concept and master plan as its pathway for the future.


  • Outstanding faculties with proven experience and professional exposure.
  • Reasonable and affordable fee structure.
  • Fully equipped separate labs for physics, chemistry, biology and computer with 24 hours internet facility
  • Various categories of scholarship schemes for deserving students.
  • Spacious library with large collection of materials.
  • Both English and Nepali Medium Classes.
  • Monthly test and three time internal examination with academic performance and reward system.
  • Facilities of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, (Monthly)
  • Quiz, debate, creative writing, essay competition etc and other indoor and outdoor games.
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What Students Say



Prabin Adhikari (Pilot)

“Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence”- Robert Frost

In the society where studying in expensive private school is considered swanky, I joined Jana Bikash breaking the stereotype. The friendly and academic environment of Jana Bikash not merely nurtured my knowledge but also groomed my personality.

I still remember the day I joined Jana Bikash. I could barely stand for a minute and talk to people. The opportunity provided by Jana Bikash to Participate in numerous social events helped me develop my leadership, social and communication skills. Similarly, the experienced and well trained teachers of school always nourished me with their academic brilliance. Moreover, The ECAs conducted by school assisted me for my sound physical and mental well being.

The Facility of this institution is not less than any reputed institution.

I would love to share the credit of my academic success with Jana Bikash family. The love and support from Jana Bikash motivated me to chase my goal.

The skills and knowledge gained from this school are always applicable in my life whilst soaring the azure sky and climbing the stairs of success in my life, I can proudly claim that I am the product of Jana Bikash Higher Secondary School.

Bipana Gurung (Doctor)

“One child, One teacher, One book, One pen can change the world” Malala Yousafzai

Hello Everyone,

What do I say about my school life? There are things in our life that might not be easy to forget, a triumphant match, a school reunion, the first time we are wronged by our teachers and parents, a time we have to choose between our conscience and desires and so on. For me, my school life has been incredibly great and my schools, Jana Bikash have nurtured me to evolve from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

School, a place that imparts not just knowledge and wisdom, a place that gives not just power but the ability to handle those power. My School,  Jana Bikash, itself could be considered simply as one of the buildings but it is so much more than just high walls and big ground. My school is garden, that planted me as a seed and allowed me to grow in the best positive way possible. My school helped me to shape the behavioural character, root values, moral values as well as the physical and mental abilities. Qualified and experienced teachers provided us with adequate knowledge and skills. Opportunities to participate in different extracurricular activities directly influenced my personality development. Motivation from our teachers to indulge in more precise research activities, helped me to learn valuable aspects of life.

“Bipana, Bidesh Gayera doctory padhna parxa hai” those lines from school family are the driving force for me to do continuous hard work to thrive for excellence and success. Schooling life always carries a significant importance in the life of an individual, so i would love to share the credit of my academic success with Jana Bikash family and can proudly claim that I’m the product of Jana Bikash Secondary School.